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Qigong is an ancient 3,000 year old system of self-healing. Qigong literally means “energy cultivation.”  It is comprised of various techniques that train your mind to direct the body’s life force, called “chi.” Through a series of physical movements and meditations, you can learn to develop this internal self-healing energy. By applying the intention of one's own mind with both the movements and focused breathing taught in class, the student can begin to gain a sense of well being, balance and harmony. 


Many different exercises and techniques are taught. All of the motions within the Qigong systems are gentle and easy to learn. Visualization and meditation are essential skills practiced in every class. Through the use of images taken from nature and internal visualizations, students learn to focus the mind. That focus can then be applied with intent toward the student’s own self-healing. Exercises to assist in alleviating specific discomforts or to deal with specific diseases are addressed. Methods for creating a healthy body through concentration on particular organs or systems are also taught. Various breathing techniques are utilized both within sitting meditations and specified physical movements. 




Healing is also accomplished through the use of sound and self-directed movement. We will discuss the use of acupressure points and the meridian system. Special movements and series of movements for cultivating chi are taught. The learning process is enhanced by the interplay between students. We learn much about ourselves by working with others. At its most basic, Qigong is a means for the practitioner to take an active role in their own healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. With enough practice Qigong will promote health, mental clarity and longevity. 

How long does it take to learn Qigong?

Everyone learns in a different way. There are no limitations such as age or physical ability to learn these techniques. Each exercise or series of exercises stands on its own. You will leave your first class with the tools you need to begin your practice. As with anything you wish to learn, the more time you devote to your practice, the more adept at the excercises you will become and the more tools you will have to utilize in your every day life. It only requires that you be open to learning new things.




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Grandmaster Li, Cheng Yu demonstrating the Qigong exercise, "Rotating the Cosmic Egg"
at Wudang Mountain

Judi Hason is a Certified Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation Instructor practicing in the Hunterdon County, New Jersey and surrounding area.
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