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Judi Hason is certified by The Wudang Taoist Association to teach Wudang Qigong, Meditation and Tai Chi. She has multiple certifications by Dr. Paul Lam to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai Chi for Osteoporosis. Judi also holds advanced certification as a Wudang Qigong Healer and a Medical Qigong Therapist.

An avid world traveler, Hason has studied with many illustrious Masters including a Taoist Priest, with whom she studied intensively both in the United States and at Wudang Mountain in the northwestern part of Hubei Province of China from 1997 to 2007. Wudang Mountain has been considered a spiritual sanctuary for over two thousand years and is the primary center for Taoist Internal Martial Arts in China. It has only been open to international students and visitors since 1983.

Judi’s spiritual journey coincided with a very personal search for self-healing. Unable to find relief from a chronic illness, she turned to a Chinese Tai Chi/Qigong Master for guidance. It was this chance introduction that changed the course of her life, inspiring within her a great passion for learning and practicing sacred healing arts.

Guided daily by a genuine sense of discovery, wonderment, honor and appreciation for the profound benefits of Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Taoist philosophy, Hason leads multi-level Tai Chi/Qigong/Meditation classes throughout Hunterdon County, NJ.


Judi Hason  

Judi Hason is a Certified Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation Instructor practicing in the Hunterdon County, New Jersey and surrounding area.
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